What We Do

What do we do?

We cater to every child's needs, giving parents a helping hand.


Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring (HHST) is just what it says it is.  HHST goes straight to the source of the problem and begin helping your child where they need help. The program is here to help parents help their children excel.  Each child is given specialized attention (tutoring them the way they learn) in order to guide them to success.

General Diagnosing shows that all children are smart.  HHST consistently proves this by working with students and teaching them how to learn.

Over time many cracks or gaps become embedded throughout a child's education, creating fragments that do not connect.  Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring's job is to locate and fill the gaps.

Test Preparation that really works!  HHST teaches unique test studying techniques.  This technique is called the color code/paper doll method, and it works time after time.

Special Needs with guided love, is available for each child.  From students with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing problems to those who are formally diagnosed as learning disabled, we will find the right tutor and right plan for each child.

Learning Styles include auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learning.  Our teachers are trained to change to the way your child learns.  Our job is to help a child find his/her way back into the educations' main stream. 

Specialized Attention is provided for each child.  The basic setting is 2 to 3 students per instructor.

Confident Building is over 50% of what we teach. Once a child believes that he/she can, then it is our job to prove that they can.

Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring is here to hold your hand whether you are the parent or the child.  If you do not leave us, we will not leave you.  We will change the material, work it differently, and explain it again and again until you get it.  Our goal is to provide help and send knowledge out into the world.

  Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring - Creating a Thirst for Knowledge

​​Let Us Help Your Child Succeed!