Who are we?

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Who are we?

Helping Hands "Specialized" Tutoring (HHST) is a hands-on tutoring service that specializes in the overall and individual need of a child's learning ability.

HHST tutors in Reading, Math, Writing, Science, successful STAAR strategies and other state test strategies. Tutoring is structured for students Pre-K through 12th using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles.  SAT, ACT and College Entry Course Tutoring is also available. 

Students are evaluated according to expected grade level. Evaluations design the specialized tutoring plan set for each child. Hourly sessions consist of review and current material, with materials to take home for students to practice and study. Progress is measured weekly and discussed with parents and teachers. Each review shows the level of retention of materials taught.  Materials retained enters constant review. Non-retained material stays in current session and becomes repetitive until retained. Parents receive weekly progress reports via phone, email or face to face.  Learning is monitored by the ability of the student to retain and discuss material orally or in a written form from review to review.

Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring is state approved and operates under the curriculum approved by Texas. Resources used to enhance learning is stated approved material from the TEKS (STAAR, TAKS, TAAS, Step Up to the TAKS, GF Educators Inc., Kamico/TAAS Connection, Person Publishing along with the state mandated text books. All materials are specialized and personalized for each student's learning ability.

HHST Instructors

All HHST tutors and assistances are certified educators, college undergrads and/or high school trained understudies. All workers including state certified teachers must attend training and testing through The Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK) Program. All academic programs are taught with a mixture of The Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic teaching.  The VAK Program tests and train HHST tutors for knowledge of materials as well as the ability to teach it while having HEART, PATIENCE AND LOVE.  HHST tutors are additionally tested and trained to build confidence in students in order for them to succeed.

Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring has tutored a continued flow of students from districts across The State of Texas.  Over 95% of students and their parents see vast improvements within two weeks of attending HHST and are satisfied with the unique approach of tutoring. HHST has an excellent rate of students passing the STAAR (over 89%) and Exit Level Exam (over 92%). Many students that continue to receive tutoring services with HHST  substantially improve their scores.


HHST has received many thank you notes and testimonies. See the following.




Ms S. Taylor

"Patience and teaching is not a virtue that everyone is blessed with but it is Ms. Gipson's best attributes." 

S. Harris

"Ms. Gipson cares about children and what learning technique works best for them. I recommend Helping Hands Specialized Tutoring highly." 

N. Durham

"My grandson had poor study habits that effected his grades. Soon after he began attending HHST. His confidence and self esteem were greatly enhanced. He is now maintaining a positive/improved attitude and grades." 

Mrs A. Q.

"Thank you so much! I've been crying tears of joy since yesterday. Brian passed both Reading and Math TAKS!

Monica H.

We had all but accepted his "earning and behavioral "disabilities". Elated to have found Mrs Gipson!

Mr. M. Farqhuad

She has gone to bat for my child in ways I could not. Went toe to toe with the superintendent and principal to get my baby out of Special Education classes. We haven't been to Mrs. Gipson in 3 years and she's maintaining ON HER OWN!!